Business Research Services

Business Research Services that help clients meet business objectives at minimum cost!

UDS Custom Business Research Services offers clients with the relevant information they need to stay ahead of competition in today’s high-performing business environment. Our wide array of research services offer our customers with the qualitative and quantitative market research, business advising and consultation. UDS help firms with the full spectrum of business or market research services that range from Financial Benchmarking, Product Benchmarking, Company/Executive Profile, Lead Generation, Industry Classification & Analysis, News/Press Search, Social Media Analysis, and more. From day to day information needs to intricate business research projects; we help meet all your strategic needs.

Our business research service specializes in providing a full suite of qualitative and quantitative market research that includes:

Data Transcription/ Standardization
Extracting and Standardizing relevant information from different documents for benchmarking purpose e.g. lease analysis, third party contracts analysis.
News/Press Release Scan
Tracking news launches, mergers and acquisitions, technological developments, regulations having impact on business etc.

Lead Generation/ Contact Harvesting
Contact information for C-level executives that helps you to speed up & identify the relevant prospects for converting them into customers.
Prospect Identification
Capturing revenue, employee size, asset size, market capitalization, competitive presence etc. for both private / public companies.
Industry Classification & Analysis
Analyzing industry attractiveness, identifying key success factors, strategies adapted, key players etc.
Social Media Analysis
Analyzing customer satisfaction/market response by using various social media tools.
Financial Benchmarking
Financial data comparison with peers and industry to identify your core profitability area.
Product Benchmarking
Assessing competitive position by comparing products and services of the peers.
Company / Executive Profile
This practice involves understanding the structure, finances, products, services, markets, customers, prospects, management, investments, geographic reach, business model etc., for any company and therefore we provide full suite of company profiling & its associated services for your benefit.

How UDS does it?

We at Universal Data Solutions ensure that the research solutions offered by us are fully customized to match customers’ business goals by closely studying their information needs. Our extensive scoping methodology allows us to offer solutions that are specific to the firm and not common to the industry.

How are we different?

What makes us stand out is our strong allied business arm where we circulate market research reports across different verticals, this talent and experience is used across our business research services department. Our diversified range of market research solutions cater to all kinds of businesses and industries. And this span from ad-hoc research demands, niche information needs deep dive industry specific researches through secondary and primary research. All our services are based on proven models and processes.