Marketing or Financial Databases

Get more than a database with UDS Marketing/Finance Databases

Our marketing/finance databases are constantly researched and updated to ensure a consistent and recent ‘environment’ at company as well as contact level.

This data is further improved with additional details from exclusive sources, including:

  • C- Level Executives Contacts: Fortune 500 & Fortune global 2000 companies
  • M&A Database: Database of M&A Deals in India for the last 10 years
  • State Databases: SME’s contacts

Our extensive process makes sure that the dataset you reach is precise, up-to-the-minute and clean, allowing you to increase the penetration of your marketing budget. Moreover our ace consultants will assist you in using criteria on the database to choose your needed market segment, geographical area or product experts. Universal Data Solutions can also help you with any of your marketing needs, encompassing the facilitation of a full campaign management service.

Our robust online marketing resource is created particularly for targeting financial intermediaries. It consolidates top-of-the-line internet and database software with restricted password-protected online browsers access to selected modules of the UDS financial intermediary database, allowing certified users to prepare their own selections, mailing lists, contacts lists and reports. UDS marketing/finance databases makes it easy for non-technical users to prepare intricate selection for marketing purpose. Automated daily updates also cuts down the requirement for expensive database administrators and technical assistance.