Primary Research Services

UDS delivers custom designed primary research services our clients need!!

UDS Primary Research services are completely tailored to match the specific business needs of our clients. Our tailored tried-and-true approaches such as focus groups, questionnaires, product surveys and interviews etc. can help you gain information regarding your priority markets. Our qualitative and quantitative primary research capabilities include obtaining real data directly about product as well as market. Our research data is exclusively designed to answer certain questions of interest to the business.

How can UDS help?

Universal Data Solutions offers a handful of end to end market research solutions that offer clients with an exhaustive understanding of customer’s behavior and choices, and develop linkage with firm data to drive business transformation. Our primary research services are applied to areas like product testing, new product alignment, client satisfaction and promotional study etc.

Our team holds expertise in both primary and secondary research and wants to provide the tools you need to expand and strengthen your institution. With these tools, clients can address specific issues, explore hidden opportunities, tackle key problem areas, and define your brand recognition. We never start until we fully comprehend your business research needs, and don’t finish up a task until all the data users know every aspect they feel they need to know.