Our Services

Universal Data Solutions (UDS)—A leading innovator in research and data processing solutions

UDS is the leading provider of Business Research, Primary Research, Data Processing and Marketing/Financial databases. Our key services include:

Business Research Services

Our business research service specializes in providing a full suite of qualitative and quantitative research solutions including Competitor Analysis/Competitive Intelligence, Company analysis, Customized web based research, Financial benchmarking, Product benchmarking, Industry Analysis, Lead generation etc.

Data Processing Services

Our Data processing service caters to requirements of companies across wide range of industry sectors. Key data processing services include: Online and Offline data entry, Document Conversion, Document Download, Scanning and OCR, Data formatting and data cleaning, Data mining etc.

Primary Research Services

We offer end to end primary research solutions that helps our clients with an exhaustive understanding of customer’s behavior and choices and develop linkage with firm data to drive business transformation.Some of our services include: Questionnaire development, Telephonic, online and field surveys, Data compilation and Report generation.

Marketing/Financial DataBases

UDS’s marketing/finance databases makes it easy for non-technical users to prepare intricate selection for marketing purpose. Our database can be customized to suit the requirements of the clients. Key databases include: C-level contacts databases, India M&A database for last 10 years and State SME contacts.